LN-AUDIT s.r.o. carries out audit in tens of companies; above all in the district of Louny, Most, Chomutov, Litoměřice, Teplice, Ústí ad Labem, Mladá Boleslav, Praha, Karlovy Vary, Plzeň and Rakovník. The audit is carried out for the companies with the duty of auditing as well as those for smaller companies, allowance organizations, municipalities and sport clubs.

Since 2005, the auditing has been carried out according to the international auditing standards.

Clients´ sphere of activity:

  • building industries
  • industry
  • business
  • services
  • agriculture
  • municipalities
  • foundations
  • allowance organizations

Continuous Auditing

We visit our clients several times during a year, solving current client´s problems during the continuous auditing. A report of the results of auditing is provided from every of the auditing visits.


At the end of the accounting period we elaborate the auditor´s guidelines to the annual financial statement. In the supplements we explain the current changes in the taxes and accountancy of the following accounting period and draw attention to the repetitious mistakes which could have a negative impact during the financial authority inspection.

Auditor´s Opinion

Auditor´s opinion is written for the clients who for various reasons need it; for example, the auditor´s opinion of the payment of capital, of problems ensuing from the tax search, et cetera.

Consolidation of the Financial Statements

We are able to carry out the elaboration of the consolidated financial statements as well as its audit.

Verification orders

We are able to verify, for example, the fulfilment of the contract conditions – grants, dotatoins, et cetera.

We have carried out several verifications of correctness of grant drawings from national sources as well as European funds.

Language knowledge

Spoken and written: English, Spanish

Spoken: Russian